Friday, 25 February 2011

Sergio K Winter 2011

Made In Brazil has an exclusive first look at the complete Sergio K fall 2011 ad campaign photographed by Terry Richardson at The Jane Hotel in New York with none other than Mr. David Gandy.
Most Brazilian labels haven't unveiled their fall campaigns yet, but it is going to be very hard to beat the hotness factor of this one. View more images after the jump. The campaign was art directed by Marcelo Sebá and styled by Jose Camarano.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

David by Jean-Francois Campos

David Gandy wants own menswear line

David Gandy has revealed he would love to design his own menswear collection although he is unsure if he is prepared for the vast amounts of work involved just yet.
David Gandy would love to design his own menswear line. The hunky catwalk star loves making his own clothes and would relish the opportunity to create his own collection although he is unsure if he is prepared for all the work involved. He explained to 'I've been thinking about it. People have asked me to do it and it is something I'm considering for the future. I designed my own suit for a party this week and I never got so many compliments on an outfit. 'But there is a big difference between designing one suit or an entire collection. I see how Dolce & Gabbana do it, they just produce season after season and they never get a break. I'm not ready yet to do that just yet, but never say never.' David has previously revealed he finds the lack of respect male models receive upsetting but he believes people are finally beginning to accept the job he does. He said: 'In the hierarchy of a shoot, you have the photographer, the female model, the stylists, the assistants, then the male model. You are the lowest of the low. 'To come out with your pride and dignity intact is probably quite hard in this business. Now there are younger guys coming in who want to be models. I'm actually proud to say I'm a model now. You pay your dues of not being listened to, but now people are starting to say, 'Maybe this guy's onto something.' '

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

David by Nina Duncan

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Monday, 21 February 2011

Keeping Watch

"Nurture your mind with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes"
Benjamin Disraeli

A quick update on the marathon and training. Thank you so much for all the advice and encouragement on last week's blog. I would love to tell you all how well the training is going, but my 92kgs pounding down on my poor calves and knees is taking its toll. On my 15th mile last week, the task of running 26 on April 17 suddenly seemed very, very daunting. If anyone sees a poor chap, who can hardly walk and looks a bit distraught in SW London over the next few weekends, then please help him as it will be ME, training! But it's for a truly worthy cause, so I will take motivation from my quotation this week. You can read about the charity I am running for - and I would be forever grateful if you were able to take time to sponsor me and my fellow runners - in the 'Oxglam' group, at the link below. Any donations big or small would be so, so welcome. Thank you. Here it is:
I thought I'd better stop boring you with car stories and information even though I'm dying to tell you that I think I've found the car that is going to make this Spring and Summer just that little bit more special, but I will refrain! As this is VOGUE.COM after all and I think I'd better talk about fashion (it's a classic Fifties Mercedes Benz by the way - ahhhhh, I feel so much better).
Fashion! I still believe that there is very little in the way of informative fashion advice and tips for men. From the success of my App so far, I can now see that there is certainly a demand from outside of the fashion industry and fashion capitals, for simple, basic advice on fashion and styling for men. Men's fashion magazines often focus heavily on fashion trends, catwalk and very expensive designer brands - much of which is far beyond the budgets and bewildering to a lot of men. One of London's greatest fashion assets in my eyes is Saville Row. Nowhere in the world has such a fabulous heritage for personal tailoring. I often find myself diverting, just so that I can take in a small part of the wonderful atmosphere and history of this very individual street in London. Knowing which tailor to choose can, again, be quite daunting for most men. What fabric? What cut? How much is it going to cost me? Well, there is a new tailoring service called Lawson Walker that can help. Launched in 2010 by entrepreneur Sam Lawson Johnston and fashion designer Mary Forestier-Walker, Lawson Walker's house style is unmistakably British and harnesses the cut and heritage of Saville Row but with an understated contemporary twist. Using pure wools and cashmere from the finest English mills, every piece is made in their workshop in London. They kindly made my suit for a recent event and I have to say, I don't think I have had so many compliments and questions about a suit that I have worn.

Sam and Mary really do simplify personal tailoring and at a less daunting cost, compared to most of Saville Row tailors. To think they also visit YOU wherever is convenient, to talk you through the whole process, from fabrics to measurements to final fittings, is a real treat and a simple idea. Why has no one thought of it before? Even though I have to say, getting to visit Saville Row for fittings etc is half the excitement for me. (
More fashion! I told you, no more cars talk ... (it's a 190sl and I think I'm in love. Oh dear.)

What do Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, James Dean and James Bond all have in common? Well, apart from being the best looking, most stylish men ever to have walked the planet, they also all loved their fast cars. But another thing these icons have in common, like a lot of men, is a soft spot for a great wrist watch. Bond has his Omegas, Newman and McQueen even had Rolex's named after them (I think I have a new aim before I die - to have a watch with my name on it ... a man can dream, I guess). The irrational amounts of money and research men go into when buying a watch, really does surprise me sometimes. I would like to say I'm different, but I'm not. It's my birthday soon and even though I am useless at receiving presents, it is my one time of the year that I try to treat myself and this year, it was on a 1973 Breitling Navitimer. I have it on my wrist now and have found myself lovingly staring it at as I type (I can see the women reading this rolling their eyes - and I don't blame you).

I only ever go to one man when this all important watch buying urge comes over me. His name is Danny Pizzigoni and he runs the Watch Club shop in the Royal Arcade, Mayfair in London. He opened the store in 1996 and his level of personal service is impeccable. Danny and his team really do make every customer feel very special indeed. Nothing is too much trouble, something I find extremely unique today. Watch Club deal in new, rare and vintage pieces and at the moment you can see the very illusive Newman and McQueen Rolex's in the shop window. The first ever time I had the pleasure of meeting Danny, his knowledge of watches astounded me (or was it just that I was happy listening to him, drinking the cup of coffee he had made and with Frank Sinatra playing in the background?) Anyway, whatever it was, I was sold and haven't been to another watch shop since. I cannot recommend Danny and his team enough. (

Last and certainly not least last week was VOGUE.COM's 15th anniversary party at the new W Hotel. I think people must think I own the new W Hotel (I wish!). They were the sponsors of the short film I did late last year, Away We Stay, so the movie is playing in the lobby when you first enter and apparently on every TV in every hotel room (that's one way one making people sleep, I guess!). It was also the 3rd event I had been to at the W, as it's the hottest new place for people to have their parties at and I can see why - it's a wonderful venue. The party was as fashionable as you'd expect with VOGUE.COM, and one of the hottest tickets in town with an amazing turn out of people - the wonderful Dolly Jones of course (who had to put up with me even after the main party had finished - thank you Dolly, you thrown one hell of a party!), beautiful Laura Bailey (sorry, I kept staring), Alice Temperley, Matthew Williamson, Julien Macdonald, Henry Holland, Patrick Grant and, one of the highlights of the evening, keeping all the women happy (and a lot of the men to be honest), Colin Firth made an appearance! All in all a very special night, with lovely people - a testament to everyone's hard work and dedication at VOGUE.COM. Thank you!


David Gandy&Blake Lively @ Elle Style Awards 2011 Video

David Gandy @ the Bafta after party

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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Happy 31st Birthday Mr. Gandy! | Buon 31esimo Compleanno Signor Gandy!!! - 15th Anniversary Party - Inside

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 17:  David Gandy and Lily Cole attend the 15th anniversary party at W London Leicester Square on February 17, 2011 in London, England.

David Gandy and Paul Sculfor
(Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

Now some Gossip

There’s been an awful lot of dramarama going on today, what with Jordan, the car, the teenager and a big ouch noise, so we think it’s time to take it down a notch, mellow a bit and do what we’re best at – leering at hot men.

And they don’t come much fitter than Mr David Gandy and those blue eyes we’re currently drowning in.
He was at’s birthday party with a lot of other fashionista types, all looking very trendy and hungry. Former tangerine dream Lily Cole was there too, but we’re ignoring all those rumours about her and David getting it on, because then it doesn’t exist, never happened, at all, ever and he’ll still be planning that big proposal to us.

David @ - 15th Anniversary Party

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

News for the London Marathon.

Top model Agyness Deyn is swapping her designer shoes for trainers to run the London Marathon.
She is part of a showbiz team put together by fashion photographer Rankin, 44, and his wife Tuuli Shipster, 28. Agyness is joined by model David Gandy, 30, designer Henry Holland, 27, and Hotel Babylon actress Emma Pierson, 29.
The Oxglam Squad – so called because they are raising money for Oxfam – will run the 26-mile course on Sunday April 17. Agyness, 28, said: “It’s going to be fun running the marathon with Henry and the rest of the Oxglam Squad, and it’s also great knowing that Oxfam will put the money we raise to such good use.”

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Gandy's Girl?

WE obviously can't divulge the details of what our bloggers get up to when they're off duty, but we like that David Gandy is being credited with being the first guest in the W Hotel this week - he'll be back there again for our birthday party on Thursday night.
The tabloids this morning have featured rumours of a budding romance with model Lily Cole in the offing - which apparently began in the W's Wyld Bar - but we know of course that Gandy has been working with the W for some time and even starred in his first film role with Helena Christensen.
Cole split with her boyfriend of two and a half years, actor Enrique Murciano, earlier this month amid rumours that their work schedules - as well as Cole's study commitments - contributed to the split.

Supermodels Lily Cole and David Gandy spent the night together at a new London hotel.

The hot pair became the first guests to stay at the W London hotel after meeting at the Weinstein Company Bafta party.

"Lily caught David’s eye across the Wyld club dance floor," a source told Metro.

"They just got on really well and decided to carry on the party up in one of the hotel’s plush new suites," the source added.

"They were the only ones to stay and I guess officially the first guests."

Essex lad Gandy's spokesperson did not confirm the couple's shenanigans.

Sexy men from the Elle Style Awards

The men at the Elle Style Awards certainly made more effort than the women – they looked all sharp and handsome on the red carpet in London yesterday.
Together, they make up our perfect date: We’d like to choose an outfit with Matthew Williamson, have dinner with Stephen Dorff, make sexy shapes with David Gandy, make more sexy shapes with Robert Konjic and finish up with a little cuddle with Henry Holland.
Pics: PA, Splash News, Wire Image Source:

Hello, gorgeous

Guess who Team ELLE just ran into on the staircase at the Style Awards? None other than David Gandy, who we're happy-slash-frustrated to report is just as magnificent in the flesh as in the Dolce& Gabbana ads.
The dapper Mr Gandy looked sharp in a bespoke suit. Although our anonymous Team ELLE representative didn't have a conversation, per se, with the model, this person did feel a definite connection. So David: tweet us @ELLEUK. Tweet ya later.

ELLE Style Awards 2011 - Winners Boards

David Gandy poses with Blake Lively

David Gandy poses with Blake Lively

David Gandy poses with Blake Lively

David Gandy poses with Blake Lively

David Gandy poses with Blake Lively

David Gandy poses with Blake Lively

(UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) David Gandy poses with Blake Lively after presenting her with the TV Star award in front of the winners boards at the ELLE Style Awards 2011 held at The Grand Connaught Rooms on February 14, 2011 in London, England.
(February 13, 2011 - Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images Europe)

ELLE Style Awards 2011 - Inside Arrivals

(UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) David Gandy arrives at the ELLE Style Awards 2011 held at The Grand Connaught Rooms on February 14, 2011 in London, England.
(February 13, 2011 - Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images Europe)

Monday, 14 February 2011

Baftas 2011 (Bafta British Academy Film Awards)

Lily Cole had a model moment with David Gandy at the bar inside the W party, perhaps offering him tips on his announced move into acting.

Read more:


New set of polaroids featuring David Gandy by stylist Micah Johnson. Source: yvymag

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Buon San Valentino a tutti !!! | Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

David With MarianoVivanco

With David shooting in NY, @stefanogabbana. Thinking of you!!! Xxx by @MarianoVivanco!

David Gandy by Terry Richardson