Tuesday, 31 August 2010

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The Blog on Swide Magazine ... 11-2010

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Siamo stati citati qui... |We have been mentioned here ...

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Siamo stati citati qui... |We have been mentioned here ... 

The Blog on Swide Magazine ... 11-2010

Il blog su Swide, quasi non ci credevo. Grazie!!!
The blog on Swide not believe it. Thank you.

Da fuckyeahdavidgandy ottobre 2010

Ringrazio per i crediti .... I thank him for loans!

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Il blog è stato citato da DG_VICTIMS ecco il link, che ringrazio per i crediti ....
The blog has been cited by DG_VICTIMS here is the link, and I thank him for loans!

The Blog on Swide Magazine ...
5 aug 2010

Ecco il link, che ringrazio per i crediti ....
Here is the link, and I thank him for loans!

Sono rimasta sorpresa dal vedere il blog su Swide, quasi non ci credevo. Grazie!!!
I was surprised to see the blog on Swide not believe it. Thank you.

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@ Harper's Bazaar (Spain)

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David @ Day one of V Festival 2010

As people may have guessed from my Tony Bennett blog, I'm not exactly an avid festival attendee during the summer months!
However, I always attend V Festival in Chelmsford and this year was no exception - and was the best so far. I was there with my closest friends, it was hugely eventful and, with so many stories to tell, I wouldn't know where to start. Plus the music and line-up was astounding.
A big thank you to RunRagged and especially Mahiki, whose backstage, all day bar and after party was pretty unforgettable. A special mention to my Land Rover driver, Nigel, who drove me to and from the event and took my 'who knows the most amazing useless fact' game into another league.
Can't wait for next year.

Summer In The City

August is recognised as the quietest month in the fashion world. Paris and Milan shut down completely and a lot of people in the industry take advantage of this and go on holiday.
I, for some reason, never do though. Firstly, I have a lot of projects to finish by the end of August (as mentioned in my blog last week), so going away is impossible at the moment. And secondly, I adore London at this time of year. I've never really understood why we all complain about the weather in this country and yet as soon as summer comes we all seem to leave! So, I save my adventures until later in the year and make the most of where I live when it's at its best.
London in the summer is, to me, the greatest city in the world and, even though I’m still working most days, my two favourite times of day are first thing in morning and dusk. At dusk I always venture over to my secret hiding place - Bishops Park and Fulham Palace, a unique site in London that dates back to the 11th century. It sits on the river Thames and when I'm there watching the sun go down, I can’t help but think “eat your heart out New York and Paris!”
Two of my loves are antiques and interior design, and there is no better place than Sunbury Antiques market at Kempton racecourse to immerse myself in this little obsession. It attracts well over 700 stall holders and I can lose myself for quite a few ‘early’ hours - as to pick up the best bargains you have to be there for around 6.30am.
For more information on both of these check out:

http://www.kemptonantiques.com/and http://www.fulhampalace.org/

Monday, 30 August 2010

Mum's The Word

Thankfully, there are very few frustrations about my job but sometimes I feel that my creative input is limited. However, when you are working with the best producers, creative directors and photographers in the world it's hard to argue!
That's why I'm finally at a stage where I've started to branch out a little and I have been working on a couple of projects where I can channel my passions, experience and creativity. Even though I can say very little about the projects at the moment, all will be revealed in September/October. And of course VOGUE.COM will be the first to break the news. In the meantime, the picture is from the location of last week's filming.


David Gandy @ Massimo Dutti FW '10

@ UK film premiere of 'The Expendables'