Monday, 27 June 2011

David Gandy Party by Andrea Ravieli & Enrico Costantini

Here's our favourite batch of pictures from Dolce&Gabbana's David Gandy Book Launch Party.
Credits: Enrico Costantini, Andrea Ravieli

My Date with David Gandy

Sit down because I have some news.
After three years in Milan, I’ve finally found a boyfriend. I know, I know. It’s surprising (“who would date her”) and considering he isn’t gay, in jail or dealing drugs it’s almost unbelievable. You might actually know him. He’s tall, strong and has a great ass. His blue eyes can kill you and his accent makes you melt.

And his name is David Gandy.

During Milan Men’s Fashion week this Saturday I was backstage at Dolce&Gabbana interviewing models (taking pictures of them in their underwear), eating free sandwiches and generally making an ass of myself. I was there to “work” (have fun) but mostly I was there for David.
We had our first date that afternoon. I asked him important questions like how often he looks in the mirror, what he watches on TV and what position he prefers to sleep in. He told me it was “the weirdest interview he’s ever done” aka totally fell in love.

I was hesitant at first-Italian men are notorious cheaters and he’s a bit old for my taste (I usually go for young boys who don’t know how to read). But we had undeniable chemistry that everyone in noticed, including Stefano Gabbana, who had to leave the room via being totally jealous (or having to prepare for the show but whatever).
Anyway, I know yall might not understand our romance-our meeting was so quick and I haven’t seen him since. But long distance relationships can work, right? And anyway if he has no time to Skype me I can always just pick up a magazine and see him smiling at me, in the way I only know.

Our one week anniversary is coming up soon-my gift list is registered at La Rinascente and our party will be at Plastic. Till then let me know if yall see him-he hasn’t been answering my calls.


Friday, 24 June 2011

DAVID GANDY by Mariano Vivanco

"As Fashion and Fashion Imagery are closely related sisters, we all weave through them deciphering fashion moments we can find true, real, even if they are brisk or short lived. With David I have found many of those moments...
Thank you."
-- Mariano Vivanco