Thursday, 30 December 2010

David Gandy by Mariano Vivanco

Vi auguro Buon anno ... I wish you a Happy New Year!

Sunday, 26 December 2010


1. Puppy
2. Classic Jaguar xkss
3. Burberry Aviator Jacket

4.Classic Ferrari 250 gto swb

5. Rachel Mcadams

. Mr Frosty machine (I never got one when I was young)

7. Endless Nespresso capsules (I’m addicted)
8. Mad men box set

9. A part in mad men

10. Lunch with Sophia

David @ D&G Ion Orchard Store Opening (Nov 09)

Below: Nothing beats this...meeting Top male model, David Gandy in person. Spellbound by his super good looks! *Faints*
It's been a busy weekend. I have a friend visiting (who accompanied me to the party:-p) from Switzerland so I was busy showing him around over Sat and had to delay this post. But now I am back! So here's the pictures of Friday night's Dolce&Gabbana Ion Orchard Store opening!

The evening started with a heavy downpour, but that did not dampen the spirits of all Dolce & Gabbana fans who turn up for the opening. Everyone was in high spirits, many were decked out from head to toe in gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana pieces, it's a treat for the eyes. It's a congregation of the beautiful people! The whole Dolce & Gabbana shop space on the ground level was emptied of merchandise and converted into a club like atmosphere to allow the fashionable guests to mingle, drink and party! Adjourning the shop front was a massive enclosed room, specially built to be transformed into a 'Dolce & Gabbana' lounge bar and club, decked with a bar counter (Woohoo!), and DJ booth. A glittering disco ball hangs proudly from the ceiling to coerce everyone into grooving mood! There were also generous free flow of champagne all night with delicious canapes to match.

Amongst the most memorable 'glitterati' who attended the opening party was top super male model and the gold standard of the male adonis, David Gandy! (Oh my god, he is one hottie to swoon over any boy or girl with his unmatched good looks. David was friendly and obliging as I requested 2 times to take a pic with him after a blurry shot on the first attempt. David simply look smart and dandy in his 3 piece Dolce & Gabbana suit. Immaculate.) Besides super gorgeous hunk from overseas, we also have Singapore's favourite Polo boy, Nat Ho (Looking cute with his bowtie!) making an appearance. Denise Keller, the super chic, super friendly and super beautiful celebrity and model was also present and was my first successful 'star gazing' attempt for a picture:-P Thanks Denise! Her stunning red dress definitely steals the limelight from everyone else in the room. Other familiar faces, include Zoe Tay (looking beautiful as always) and Celia Teh.

All the guests partied hard till late to the music, booze and 'people watching'. Indeed a night to remember for Dolce & Gabbana's opening event! Congrats and thanks for the invite, Club 21!


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Who is the only
who is happy,
for those looking for love
who has surrendered,
who errs
one who forgives.

Who is at war
who is at peace
those who suffer
those who are rich.

Who does not see
who does not hear.
Who has a family
those who did not have
who has friends
to others who look for one.
Who is poor
those without a home
Christmas is for everyone ...
for you, for me ...
for us all!

Many Greetings ...

Buon Natale!

A chi è solo
a chi è contento,
a chi cerca l'amore
a chi si è arreso,
a chi sbaglia
a chi perdona.

A chi è in guerra
a chi è in pace
a chi soffre
a chi è ricco.

A chi non vede
a chi non sente.
A chi ha famiglia
a chi non ce l'ha
a chi ha amici
a chi invece ne cerca uno.
A chi è povero
a chi non ha una casa
per tutti è Natale...
per te, per me...
per noi tutti!

Tanti auguri...

Thursday, 23 December 2010

il meglio del 2010- the best of 2010

Perché vale la pena ricordare il 2010, questi sono alcuni dei post più importanti, che secondo me ricorderemo per un po. | Because it is worth remembering 2010, these are some of the most important post, which I will remember for a while.

FULL DOLCE & GABBANA LIGHT BLUE ( il post più cliccato| the most popular post) 
Un grazie a tutti voi che visitate questo blog, vi auguro un felice Natale e un meraviglioso capodanno. Il blog si prenderà una pausa... una breve vacanza, riprenderò ad aggiornare con nuovi post a gennaio 2011
Thanks to all of you who visit this blog, I wish you a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. The blog is taking a break ... a short vacation, will take up to update with new post in January 2011.

WhyNot Show Package | Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy Christmas

London in the snow...

Walking out from my last photo shoot and interview of 2010 this year, the beauty of London struck me suddenly with the subtlety of Santa's sleigh at full speed. It had been snowing for an hour and there was slight sprinkling of snow that had covered everything. The Christmas lights seem to be twinkling twice as much through the falling snow and London almost took on a Charles Dickens-esque feeling - beautiful. So beautiful in fact, that I walked home that night - even though it was three miles in bitter conditions. I loved every step. For the first time this year it really felt like Christmas.
In these freezing conditions, the filming of the Light Blue commercial on the coast of Capri in the warm Mediterranean sea seemed a lifetime away. When these commercials start showing like they have again recently, the main topic of conversation (apart from the obvious and now seemingly famous white trunks), is about my fitness and diet to get into shape for filming.
Because I often get asked the same question, I have thought of maybe expanding my iPhone apps and developing a fitness/workout/diet app, passing on everything that I have learnt over the last 10 years of training - with some very advanced trainers and nutritionists, as well as through my own trial and error. There will definitely be some serious thought into this.
Even though I mostly train myself, when I want to push myself and my body for shoots such as the Light Blue, there's only one person I go to for advice and training. Her name is Nathalie Bomgren and she works at a private training studio called Bodyism in London For me, she and the other trainers are some of the top and most advanced performance coaches/fat loss specialists in the world. Now I wish I could say they have miracle techniques that require little effort, but this is never the case. Nathalie is a great friend, but in the gym she won’t budge an inch and pushes me physically like I have never been pushed before. They really do provide incredible results for their clients. I think after Christmas and a little over indulgence, I may be making a few emergency visits.
Well, what an astonishing year. I'm not going to lie, I am pretty exhausted and looking forward to the Christmas and New Year break. I feel very lucky to have become part of the VOGUE.COM team and would like to thank Dolly for inviting me to start writing. I certainly find it a great challenge, but it has become part of my weekly ritual that I love, wherever I am or whatever has been happening.
But I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads my blog and especially to those who have taken the time to comment throughout. I promise you that I read everyone's thoughts and comments and wish in many ways that I could reply or answer your questions (hmm is this another idea Dolly?). So to everyone, a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2011.

MM = MaleModels

Friday, 17 December 2010


Vi ricordo che sul sito della Rizzoli, potete acquistare "Uomini" di Mariano Vivanco. (Pagine: 254
Prezzo: 65,00 EURO Anno Prima Edizione: 2010 ISBN: 17045926)
I remind you that the contest ends December 22 at 00:00.

Tateossian announces its competition winners.....

Elizaveta Gnatchenko and Grace Cross have been announced as the two winners in Tateossian’s jewellery design competition and will have their collections exclusively available from Tateossian stores in 2011.

The winners' collections will be sold in Tateossian stores across the country.

Russian born Gnatchenko is inspired by her admiration for the Imperial Russian court and creates elaborate jewel-encrusted pieces that are unique in style and intricate in details. Grace Cross draws from English heritage with a Victorian feel throughout her work.
Six Central Saint Martins graduates were tasked with designing a small capsule collection for the company before the top two were chosen at an A-list Tateossian 20 year anniversary event last night (November 22) at Christie’s.
Judges David Furnish, Vogue Jewellery Editor Carol Woolton, GQ Editor Dylan
Jones and The Sunday Times columnist AA Gill announced the deserving winners in front of some fashion heavy hitters such as David Furnish, David Gandy, Alice Temperley, Neve Campbell, Pam Hogg and Camilla Rutherford.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Still Modelling

Not much will make me down my Sunday morning coffee and toast in astonishment, but the Mail on Sunday headline "Poster hunk Gandy packs his trunks - and quits modelling" was certainly news to me, especially when by sheer coincidence, at that moment, the new Light Blue 2 commercial came on the television.
Reading the article further, I discovered that apparently, my two friends Stefano and Domenico (Dolce &Gabbana) and I had fallen out because I had shown an interest in acting and, sadly, our “future looks bleak together”. Now, I may not be the most intelligent person on the planet, but just a week before I had been shooting the apparel campaign with them in NYC and we talked excitedly about our future projects in 2011 and of acting - something which Stefano especially has been encouraging me to pursue. Just to make sure though, I went to check all my bags and cases. There were definitely no “trunks packed”.
I am lucky to have had, and to continue to have, a lot of support from the media and I'm very grateful for that, but it's incredible how wrong reports can sometimes be - and this very far-fetched story certainly falls into that category. Before being involved with media so much, I would have believed everything I read, thinking that lies and even quotations (that have never been said), could and would not be printed. I guess I was a little naïve then.

Tuesday evening and the British Fashion Council Awards 2010. The awards at The Savoy were very lavish - it was a beautiful evening and very special to have the top British people in fashion in one room. As you know, I was really proud to be the only man nominated in the Model Of The Year category. It was Lara Stone who took home the award on the night, she's a totally worthy winner so big congratulations to her. I cannot say that I wasn't a little disappointed though. I admit I don’t like losing anything (as anyone who has ever played Monopoly with me will vouch for!). However, as the night went on, the huge amount of people who came over to congratulate me for being recognised alongside the top female models and for raising the profile of male talent on the same level as women's was very touching and I realised the achievement in just being nominated. It was very kind of them and started an interesting discussion point ... should the BFC take the plunge and create two categories next year? We don't compete for the same covers, campaigns or work so it why compete for one award? A dedicated award to Female Model of The Year and another to Male Model of The Year would be a big breakthrough in the industry - maybe something to look into...
A very special mention and congratulations to Patrick Grant for winning Best Menswear Designer. His personal style is the best I have seen for a long time and he is also charming, handsome and down to earth. Being recognised for his work on the label E Tautz is hugely deserved - some people really do have it all!
It's been a busy week, as ever, and one which ended working with Massimo Dutti. I've been shooting their campaign on and off for many years now and the clients and crew are like family. They are such a great bunch of people and show just how respectful and lovely the industry can be and it's an honour that they chose me again. I'm looking forward to seeing the campaign soon.
Last but not least, a big thank you to everyone who not only comments on my blogs, but to those of you who came up with ideas, experiences and solutions for my charity blog last week. We're looking at all of them and I will let you know of any developments.