Wednesday, 22 February 2012

David Gandy spotted with a mystery woman as Mollie King steps out for Fashion week...

We don’t like to make ridiculous assumptions based on absolutely no evidence at all other than our gut instinct (total lie, obvs we do) but let’s just say our eyebrow has been raised – and raised good and proper - by these pictures of David Gandy walking next to mystery woman earlier.

The male model only broke up with Mollie a few weeks ago (due to that age old chestnut "work commitments"), but seemed very cosy when stood next to this beautiful creature (we’re guessing she’s a model) in Landan a short time ago.

But you’re right let’s not jump to any rash conclusions, just because their body language suggests some kind of animal magnetism to each other it doesn’t mean they’re actually doing it. Probably.

Anyway, we hope David’s not planning a trip to London Fashion Week with this lady today because that’s where Mollie King has been spotted over the last few days. Yesterday she even changed into three different outfits as she attended different shows. It’s almost like she’s trying to get noticed or something.

Source: mrpaparazzi


  1. HAHAHAHA! I loved your post. But who is this lucky, lucky bitch?! Ok, maybe they are not actually doing it (shame on her if they are not) but she's lucky just for being in his presence.

    Poor Molly, I would be devastated for losing a man like him. No shit!

  2. Ciao ragazzi, la tipa, molto piu' adatta alla bellezza di David, e' la stessa del post della sfilata londinese di Emilia Wickstead. Gran bella ragazza.

  3. A person can just look at those pictures and tell by the body language that there is nothing going on with this pair. Although I would vote for her before I'd vote for Mollie, this woman is probably just a friend or a relative.