Wednesday, 30 June 2010

David's Model World

David Gandy © Rankin
(Image courtesy of Paul Kehl)
BRITISH model and Dolce & Gabbana muse, David Gandy, is the latest addition to VOGUE.COM's team of guest bloggers.
From a modelling competition on This Morning to appearing on a 50ft billboard in New York's Times Square, David has become one of the world's most successful and sought-after male models and is represented by renowned agency Select Models.
David joins fellow models Liberty Ross, Laura Bailey and Jacquetta Wheeler as well as designers Henry Holland and Savannah Miller to tell us all about his fashionable life and work.
"When VOGUE.COM invited me to blog for them, I jumped at the chance. Not just because of the association with Vogue and its heritage in fashion, but also because it was such a pleasure to meet Dolly (Jones, editor of VOGUE.COM) and I felt we shared a passion for style, fashion and our jobs," David explained. "I'm looking forward to it and hopefully to making the world of fashion, and especially my modelling experiences, more accessible to everyone."
David has already blogged about Dolce & Gabbana's 20 years of menswear party, talking of how inspirational the duo have been to him and his career, as well as Elton John's glamorous White Tie and Tiara ball - to which he took a secret date.

When Dolce&Gabbana models say it in 3 words ...

Monday, 28 June 2010

Siamo arrivati a 1000.... (visitatori cosa credevate)!

Nel giro di due mesi o poco più abbiamo toccato la soglia di mille visitatori, non ci credo; a dire che è partito tutto cosi senza un'idea fissa di quello che esattamente si voleva fare, circa un anno fa avevo creato il mio piccolo gruppo su facebook, e avevo raggiunto i 200 sostenitori, ma lo spazio era poco e l'inserimento delle notizie non era ben chiaro a tutti, cosi ho deciso di fondare il blog (bilingue), primo in Italia credo, dedicato interamente al  favoloso modello che tanto ci piace David Gandy. Avere un blog rispetto a un gruppo è molto più impegnativo, perché richiede molto più tempo di organizzazione, nel reperire il materiale e nello scrivere i post. Ma io sto cercando con tutte le mie forze di mettercela tutta, è una passione che coltivo da tempo e il blog ne è la prova concreta. Grazie a tutti voi che tutti giorni vi fermate qui e dedicate un po' di tempo a David e al "mio- nostro" blog. Un abbraccio virtuale a tutti e tutto ciò che posso darvi, tornate a trovarci presto!


David Gandy... rifacciamo ci gli occhi (redo our eyes)

quello che più ci piacce di lui ....
what more we like him ....

David Gandy Pictures, Images and Photos

David Gandy Pictures, Images and Photos
David Gandy Pictures, Images and Photos
david gandy 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
GANDY Pictures, Images and Photos

David Gandy Pictures, Images and Photos

david gandy Pictures, Images and Photos

david gandy Pictures, Images and Photos
avrò pietà di voi .... mi fermo qui
I pity you .... I will stop here

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Thin is in: in search of the perfect male body

The most successful male model in the world currently is David Gandy, a ridiculously muscular Essex boy who made his name frolicking semi-naked in a rowing boat for a 2007 Dolce & Gabbana perfume ad. A year ago I interviewed David Gandy about his career. He told me he had no idea why he was suddenly successful – he'd struggled for a long time to get jobs in a fashion climate that favoured Slimane's skinny boys. "No one was using me, and my mum was going: 'I don't understand why! You're so handsome!' But I was like: 'Mum. There is a reason.' No one wanted the big guys. It was all the skinny, androgynous look. People would look at me very, very strangely when I went to castings."
Other people seemed to know why Gandy's look had started doing swift business. Model bookers, advertising execs and fashion editors agreed that a more robust physical ideal resonates culturally during recessions and times of political uncertainty; the times when we instinctively place more value on men who look like they could take care of themselves. "We saw exactly this in the last recession – and we also saw it directly after 9/11 . Clients stop wanting to take risks. They revert back to basics, to classic ideas of what's handsome," said model booker Heidi Beattie of Select, the agency that represents Gandy.
So we're left with two polarised ideals on masculine beauty. Hedi Slimane-endorsed skinniness via Homme Nouveau and Davo; and a strong, muscular, austerity-resistant Gandy-esque form. These ideals are somehow coexisting, pulling men in two different directions and filling their heads with a general sense that they are nothing if not completely physically imperfect. Cue eating disorders, a general sense of inadequacy, a new, horrible degree of self-consciousness…

Friday, 25 June 2010

An A-list celeb view on 20 years of menswear

Watch what friends had to say to the designers last Saturday at the exhibition- event
held in Palazzo Marino on Piazza della Scala, Milan. It was a great evening; Domenico and Stefano welcomed their guests at the end of a red carpet specially rolled out on Piazza della Scala to celebrate their brand’s menswear 20th anniversary. A lot of friends showed up to thank them and pay tribute to their creative input in men’s fashion during the past 20 years. Carla Sozzani, Suzie Menkes, Rachel Weisz, Anna dello Russo, Moran Atias, David Gandy and Sam Webb, have all in their words told us what Dolce&Gabbana symbolizes to them: a great demonstration of love during a memorable event.

Oh boy! Let’s get ready for the summer ....

Check out how David Gandy is so ready for his first day in the sun.

Summer is about body exposure, so you cannot afford to step out without being totally groomed. A perfect natural look requires attention, effort and time but because tomorrow could be your first on a tanned mission day, we give you a few tips to look like David… or almost.
A perfect haircut. For most of you it might be common sense but when we say “hair” we mean the “coiffure” but also the beard, the chest and all the rest of it. For some beard related advices check out how Tony Ward had his made to measure at the Dolce&Gabbana SS11 menswear show.

A soft skin. The old rule prevails; your moisturizing cream should be your best friend… all year long!

Exercise. Like Mr. Gandy, make sure to break a sweat everyday, you feel good, work better and look amazing…. Just watch the video….

Get your mani & pedi. A basic that unfortunately is often neglected. No it is not for women only. Ask your wife or girl friends for the best beauty salon nearby. Do not call it a one off and do include these appointments in your monthly beauty routine.
Walk your first steps on the beach in style… choose a classic “maillot de bain” that suits your body. No folklore here, simplicity is key, reveal and conceal… the brief is for bodycons only; for common mortals: stick to shorts please! Of course the whole beauty scenario falls apart without a killer smile. White teeth, ready for a summer ride, say “Cheese”!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

David Gandy & Light Blue su Vanity Fair Italia

In occasione dello spot 2010 del profumo cult Light Blue di Dolce&Gabbana, Vanity Fair Italia ha realizzato una breve intervista con il modello volto della fragranza: l'ormai mitico David Gandy. L'articolo si intitola "Bollenti spiriti", e credo che sia chiaro a tutti il motivo. Direi che la soluzione migliore per far calare la temperatura è quella di darci una bella spruzzata di Light Blue, in modo da portare almeno la mente al largo dell'isola di Capri, purtroppo senza David.

The Scottish Fashion Awards 2

Stars turn out for fashion awards

(UKPA) – 2 days ago
Scotland's top fashion talent has been honoured at the fifth Scottish Fashion Awards.
Scots businesswoman and model Michelle Mone, Diana Vickers, supermodel Jade Parfitt, Paolo Nutini, pop star Gabriella Cilmi and male model David Gandy were among those who walked the Tartan carpet to pay tribute to the stars of the country's fashion industry. Hair stylist Malcolm Edwards was honoured for his work as he was inducted into the 2010 Hall of Fame.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Shot of David Gandy

Shot of David Gandy we snapped yesterday on set.

Monday, 21 June 2010

The Scottish Fashion Awards

The Scottish Fashion Awards held at the Glasgow Science Centre. Glasgow, Scotland - 20.06.10

In Milan

David Gandy (fourth right) and other D&G male models join a host of celebrities in Milan to help designers Dolce and Gabbana celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first collection.

A 20th menswear anniversary at the Palazzo Marino

Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana commemorated yesterday evening 20 years of Dolce&Gabbana menswear. On Piazza della Scala, outside Milan’s 16th century City Hall, Palazzo Marino, a red carpet had been rolled out and four large multimedia cubes set up to transmit images of Milan, of Dolce&Gabbana ‘s fashion archives and of the event happening inside the Palazzo. The exhibition-event held inside Palazzo Marino, was about Dolce&Gabbana memories attached to the creation of making beautiful clothes. The two designers welcomed friends from around the world, among them, Annie Lennox, Monica Belluci, Morgan Freeman, Juliette Binoche, David Gandy, Eva Herzigova and Rachel Weisz.Three rooms were dedicated to the event, each one of them dedicated to a special aspect of Dolce&Gabbana’s identity. The minimalist set up contrasted with the opulence of the two designers Sicilian inspired style; archives on iPads, Domenico and Stefano made the latest digital device work for them. For sure the red carpet guests did enjoy discovering the brand’s archives; for some of them it did recall common memories. Highly emotional but not nostalgic, yesterday evening was a happy gathering of friends that love Milan and Mr Dolce&Gabbana.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Dolce&Gabbana e la Sensualità Siciliana

L'uomo Dolce&Gabbana è stato accompagnato per tutto l'evento dalle melodie di Annie Lennox che ha accompagnato tutta la sfilata con la sua bellissima voce.
Molte le celebrities che erano presenti da Morgan Freeman a Matthew McConaughey, da Camila Alves a Chace Crawford, e poi ancora Rachel Weisz, Tiziano Ferro, Roberto Bolle, Peaches Geldof and Eli Roth, Alberto Ammann, Lola Lennox, Moran Atias, Gianmarco e Valeria Tognazzi
Tra i modelli inoltre spiccano David Gandy, Tony Ward e Enrique Palacio.
Sartoria Estiva
E' un esordio di sete, leggerissime, di lino e canapa grezzi, con effetto cesto, di camicie in popeline e di cotoni smerigliati e lavati.
Il denim è sabbiato e la maglieria è di juta (con e senza pelle intrecciata) o di leggerissima seta. Le scarpe sono in pelle traforata o intrecciata con lavorazioni cucite a mano mentre i sandali in pieno stile Sicilia sono di pelle intrecciata oppure di corda e cuoio, come quelli dei pescatori.
Anche per i borsoni si usa pelle intrecciata, il che li fa ricordare i cesti dei contadini del sud.
Luce e Ombra

Gli abiti sono bianchi o neri, con effetto "assolato", ovvero la tipica scoloratura dei tessuti per l'esposizione al sole, oppure color sabbia, con intimo riferimento alle spiagge e beige.
La collezione ruota intorno al concetto di rilassatezza provocando il desiderio di rallentare i ritmi frenetici della vita attuale e prendendo ad esempio lo stile di vita isolano, dei tempi andati.


@dolcegabbana cocktail just after the show...

Anna Dello Russo and Enrique Palacios at DG man show!

Giovanna taking picture of Anna!!!

Cocktail just after the show...