Sunday, 6 June 2010

David Gandy Stuns Times of London!

David Gandy is the poster boy man for the return of a more traditional masculinity to male modeling! The word is out: beefcake is back!
Alex Smith at the Times of London recently spent a week with the British top model and comes away, um, stunned! Gandy is an extraordinary shape, like an inverted pyramid on long, limber legs; he also has the kind of strong, chiselled features that make you think of firemen rescuing puppies from blazing buildings.
Broad-shouldered, rippling of arm and tight of torso, it is little surprise that photographers often seem keen to persuade him out of clothes and into the scantiest of scanties.

Model: David Gandy @ Select/DNA
Images: Rankin for Paul Kehl (2009)

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