Sunday, 17 October 2010

Credo proprio che dobbiamo fare due chicchere....| I believe that we must make two cups ....

Ho scoperto diversi blog che si appropriano delle immagini che pubblico senza dare un credito, la cosa mi fa molta rabbia e mi intristisce allo stesso tempo, quindi vi prego con tutto il mio buon senso, (è non fatemi perdere la pazienza) se prendete le immagini che pubblico almeno siate leciti e creditate il blog.... se no potete anche andarvene a fanculo!!!
In caso contrario finché non dimostriate rispetto nei miei confronti per l'impegno e il tempo che dedico al blog, è nei confronti di David, e di tutti coloro che lavorano con lui; sarò costretta a prendere dei provvedimenti! Che sia chiaro a tutti questo è un blog dove si ammira semplicemente David come persona e personaggio pubblico di successo, non è un blog di ladri. Sono molto molto amareggiata!!! Guardate qui, ci sono svariate pagine con diverse foto, con tanto di logo senza nessuna menzione verso il blog!!!!

I found several blogs that are siphoning off public images without giving credit, it makes me very angry and saddens me at the same time, so please with all my common sense (you do not make me lose my patience) if you take images that the public at least be legal and credit this blog .... if not, you can also leave a fuck!
If it is not until you show respect towards me for the effort and time you dedicate to your blog, it is against David, and all those who work with him, I'll have to take action! What is clear to everyone this is just a blog where you can admire David as a person and a successful public figure, not a blog of thieves. I'm very very bitter! Look here, there are several pages with several photos, complete with a logo with no mention to the blog!!


  1. We all share this huge admiration for David, but none of us, including you, owns the credits of his images, except David himself and the people who payed for him to pose for the campaigns. So, to think that you own the picture´s credits is quite an arrogant position. What you do (putting on them a watermark with the name of your blog) is a much larger attack to who really owns the credits of those pictures.

    Anyone can do what you do: create a blog in honor of David. We just have to do a constant search and keep it updated. I am not disconsidering your blog, which is very helpful, but I do not understand how you can be annoyed at something that ironically you also do. You take images from other sites and then you put your own watermark on the images, which you shouldn´t do, because the pictures aren´t yours and you weren´t the photographer. So, you shouldn´t be annoyed at all, because you don´t own the pictures and people. You should be thankful because people do you a favour, visiting your blog.

  2. @anonymous
    I had decided not to waste time answering ... it is true that I take images from other sites and publish them on my blog, but I never stolen images, with the logo of other blogs, I have always credited (including articles, complete with author and date of publication and also the site where it is published), many of the magazines I buy and scanerizzo personally, or have my staff. Other images were long, I know I'm right, and if something wrong PhotoLine the consequences. Regarding the question of signing the photos, I put it just to avoid situations like this that occurred a few days ago. (Of which we read above) I do something with dedication and passsione more than 6 months, and finally someone comes along and everything is served on a silver platter and they aprofitta. I have never prevented anyone to do a blog about David, are free to do it all. My idea was to create a space where people would have been easier to find information. I'm sorry you think so, however you are free to not visit this blog more. And if I had more courage you fimeresti as anonymous!

  3. I signed as anonymous because it doesn´t really matter who I am. You don´t know me anyway, with a name or without one. The watermark doesn´t prevent anything. It is very easy to take it off if someone wants to. I really appreciate your efforts, but in the internet you should be prepared for this kind of things. That´s why I don´t waste my time with this kind of dedication because I think internet is not a reliable place, people will not recognize my effort and I know people don´t give a shit to how much work I expended doing something. I didn´t intend to offend you. But this is the reality.

  4. With but 12, 772 visits in just over seven months, it should mean something? A personal question .... Who are you?

  5. I´m just a fan of David (a huge one!). I don´t have anything to do with this subject because I don´t steal or use other people´s information/pictures, but I thought I should say something when I read your post.
    Of course 12,772 visits mean something! It means people love David Gandy and that you have a nice blog and probably a good database. But many times people don´t use the pictures with bad intentions, they just want to share them with other fans and don´t realize they´re bothering you. You could put a warning at the beginning of the blog asking people to refer your blog when they use your information. I believe after that some people will be kind enough to respect you.