Thursday, 14 October 2010

Interview by Cover Men Mag

I've been working with Dolce and Gabbana for 3 years now they are like family, great crew, great photographers...

I've worked with so many major designers I've really done them all who I'd like to work with again though I'd name just one or two would be cK and Ansons...

I like classically beautiful women...

-Hi David, I am proud to interview you, just to start it off, though you are very famous, please give me some background information.

I am a born-and-bred Essex boy, grew up in Billericay, Scottish descent my mums ancestors are Scottish and my dad is from east London. I went to University Of Gloucestershire for multimedia marketing with management graduating in 2001.

-How did you get into modeling David? How old were you when you started modeling? What was your first modeling assignment?

How I got into modeling? One of my housemates at that time after just graduating out of University had secretly entered me into a male model competition on Richard and Judy's This Morning Show and I won a contract with Select Model management I was 21 at the time. My first modeling job was catalog work wasn't too exciting the first 5yrs of modeling were just endless casting calls for shows and catalog work and because I didn't have the look the industry wanted it was really difficult at time getting casted because they wanted the skinny anerexic not manly looking.

-What do you consider the most difficult and challenging aspects of modeling?

I would say it gets lonely, it's hard to keep a relationship or get into one because you're always gone and the 5am shoots are no fun either. Also when the public and clients are so used to seeing you in one look in ads and campaigns etc it's hard to get away from that look.

-What kind of assignments, as a model, do you prefer? Do you prefer doing photoshoots for editorials and campaigns or doing the runways?

I'm no longer a fan of runway and glad I no longer do runway anymore besides for Dolce. I would say I prefer campaigns its a hard day of work but you get all the shots done and they tell a story and so far I've done really interesting campaigns.

-Let's talk about D&G Light Blue Tv Ad, that was a very successful Tv commercial, did you expect such a great success for you and for the brand?

I didn't know what to expect really and had no idea it would be this big and have this much success it was fun making it too!

-Tell me more about your working relationships with Dolce&Gabbana, what are some of your next projects with them?

Well all I can say is I still have a contract with them I've been working with Dolce and Gabbana for 3yrs now they are like family, great crew, great photographers. Just expect more campaigns and ads to come.

-Surely you have already achieved your purposes in the modeling market, but is there still a fashion campaign and a designer you would like to work for?

I've worked with so many major designers I've really done them all who I'd like to work with again though I'd name just one or two would be cK and Ansons. Massimo Dutti also which I've recently renewed my contract with them.

-The next thing most models want to pursue is an acting career, is it so for you too? What kind of movies would you like to star in?

If I go that direction I'd like to be in movies like 007. I have been approached by some really great people to do acting. However, I really don't want to be one of those horrid model/actors. I would prefer to know I had some talent before moving on to acting, as I'm just enjoying doing well in the modelling industry at the moment.

-You are the "forbidden dream" of lots of women but what kind of a girl do you find the most attractive?

I like classically beautiful women, but she has to have a bad sense of humour to laugh at my jokes.

-You are very famous, is there something you would like people to know more about you? And what would people be surprised to learn about you?

Well I'm just like everyone else, down to earth and I don't think of myself as being famous. It hasn't changed me one bit.

-Thanks again David for taking your time to reply to my questions and good luck for all your future challenges!

Thank you dx.

Interview by Edo Q © 2008 CoverMen Mag!

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