Saturday, 16 October 2010

"Tell me about your pants Mr Gandy..."

And other questions we asked the male supermodel *while breathing very heavily*
David Gandy and Company's Emma Justice!

So you can understand why, when given the opportunity to interview the male supermodel at the V festival, we found our hands go ever so slightly clammy. Tall, dark and looking very, very handsome in a white tee and unbuttoned shirt, he had every girl in the Virgin Media Louder Lounge swooning. Plus he was hanging out with his best mate and fellow model Louis Dowler who also happens to be Kate Winslet’s latest squeeze. Two supermodels for the price of one – you can’t get much better than that...

We bet you’re fed up with people asking about your pants...
Actually no – that picture has become iconic so I’m proud of it. In fact I’ve just shot the next Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue ad...

We can’t wait! So if you weren’t stripping off for us what would you be doing?
My plan B was to be a vet but you needed three A’s at A level so that was never going to happen!

Are you saying modelling is the easy option?
Not at all! Only 5% of modelling is as glamorous as you think it is - the rest is hard work. Catwalk work can involve trying on the same T shirt and pants as half a dozen other models (eurghhh – or should that be mmmmmm). I remember one shoot which started at 7am and didn’t finish until 3am the next day. I was exhausted but you have to be ‘perfect’ all the time so there I was posing for shot after shot with these massive dogs pulling on a leash. It can also be mind numbing just standing there looking pretty and being prodded around by people – at least in your job there’s some mental stimulation!

At the moment that mental stimulation is talking to you Mr Gandy! Is that why you think some models get thought of as stupid?
Put it this way if you’re offered loads of money to do a fashion shoot in an exotic location with gorgeous supermodels do you have to be stupid enough to say no or intelligent enough to say yes?

What do you think of reality shows like Britain’s Next Top Model – do you think they give a realistic picture of the profession?
I don’t really watch those shows. I was actually asked to be on it but turned it down.

Noooo – we could have worked with you! Oh well there’s always next year – is keeping your body pants perfect hard?
It can be but I have the lovely Louis to work out with – he’s like my personal trainer even if he does have sparrow legs (we’re sure Kate would disagree!).

So how’s your summer been so far?
Good thanks but busy. I’m working on an iPhone app with men’s style tips so I’ve been interviewing designers and doing lots of research so I can launch it later this year (spruce up your men with the David Gandy Style Guide girls). You ladies are so lucky because you have so many places to get fashion advice but there’s hardly anything for men so I’m trying to redress the balance.

What about love – are you seeing anyone at the moment? *asks hopefully*
It’s difficult to have a personal life as a model so no I’m not seeing anyone – I just wouldn’t be able to give her the attention she’d deserve.

Yes but we wouldn’t mind seeing you try!

So he’s best known for that Pants shot – you know the one where he’s wearing tight, white Dolce and Gabanna underwear and reclining in a boat. Just in case you don’t here it is again for your viewing pleasure (see below!). Yes we’re nice like that.

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