Saturday, 5 June 2010

The unexpected acting class before the show

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE! Anyone expecting to attend the usual show rehearsals yesterday at the Metropol was in for a surprise... Yesterday came as a bit of shock (and a nice surprise) for the most talked-about, most notorious and - obviously - most beautiful of models.They knew they had to be at the Metropol, Dolce & Gabbana's Milanese temple, by 5pm for the usual final preparations, but as soon as they stepped in they realised far bigger, better and more unusual things were to happen at that one rehearsal.
Divided in various groups, each group marked by a letter from A to O, each model with his own white t-shirt and serial number - elegantly worn as a big cardboard necklace. After the usual talk from the designers', Susan Batson made her entrance; the Hollywood acting coach, already hired by Mr Dolce and Mr Gabbana on the set of the Spring/Summer 10 menswear campaign Steven Klein shot in NYC (you may have seen her in this video HERE on Swide), who was meant to bring the best in David, Noah, Adam, Evandro, Simon and the rest as far as Sicilian soul, the soul of the collection we're about to see, was concerned.
A fantastic experience the boys got really excited about: they may have been a little reluctant at first but as things went they grew more and more eager. After a couple of hours of gruelling work and some prime screaming from Mrs Batson, the boys had let go of everything and reached a climax, a surreal atmosphere halfway between fiction and reality, film and fashion. An atmosphere not unlike that of a film set which came like an adrenaline rush for all participants. A 4-hour acting lesson the most seasoned models would have never expected to find at the heart of the Metropol.
The video...

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