Friday, 25 June 2010

Oh boy! Let’s get ready for the summer ....

Check out how David Gandy is so ready for his first day in the sun.

Summer is about body exposure, so you cannot afford to step out without being totally groomed. A perfect natural look requires attention, effort and time but because tomorrow could be your first on a tanned mission day, we give you a few tips to look like David… or almost.
A perfect haircut. For most of you it might be common sense but when we say “hair” we mean the “coiffure” but also the beard, the chest and all the rest of it. For some beard related advices check out how Tony Ward had his made to measure at the Dolce&Gabbana SS11 menswear show.

A soft skin. The old rule prevails; your moisturizing cream should be your best friend… all year long!

Exercise. Like Mr. Gandy, make sure to break a sweat everyday, you feel good, work better and look amazing…. Just watch the video….

Get your mani & pedi. A basic that unfortunately is often neglected. No it is not for women only. Ask your wife or girl friends for the best beauty salon nearby. Do not call it a one off and do include these appointments in your monthly beauty routine.
Walk your first steps on the beach in style… choose a classic “maillot de bain” that suits your body. No folklore here, simplicity is key, reveal and conceal… the brief is for bodycons only; for common mortals: stick to shorts please! Of course the whole beauty scenario falls apart without a killer smile. White teeth, ready for a summer ride, say “Cheese”!

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