Saturday, 8 May 2010

We're sorry David!

Ay Carumba! Alarming news has reached the ears of Grazia Daily this day. VERY alarming news. Last week, we posted a light-hearted leedle piece about the strikingly handsome male model and face of Dolce & Gabbana, Mr David Gandy. We might have made fun of the fact that on a recent TV chat show he spoke about his early career when someone told him he was too good looking to be a model.

After we finished work we went home, watched Zoolander while eating beans on toast and thought no more about it. THEN today we find out that David read the piece and thought we were being a bit hard on him. *CRINGE*  *furious blushes!*

David – ARE YOU READING THIS? If so please believe us when we say how mortified we are, seeing as how . . .

1. We were nicely brought up and are not in the habit of being unkind about people.

2. Upsetting top male models and therefore having to avoid them at all future fashion events is THE LAST thing we want to be doing. Honestly!

We want to make it up to you! We can offer a No Expense Spared tour around the Grazia offices and a day of Guest Editing the website à la Chace Crawford if only you’ll forgive us and take us off your blacklist!

Whadday say?

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