Friday, 14 January 2011

Shot the bodies backstage: Tony Ward and David Gandy

Discover how a spring summer 2011 menswear campaign is done. It is about the grooming, the outfits, the set up and the guys: Tony Ward, David Gandy, Sam Webb to name a few.

Directed precisely by Domenico and Stefano, the boys are happily raising the temperature in the studio. Perfect abs, elongated silhouette, beach attire.
Fishermen, farmers or Sicilian fathers? Pick your man. We like them all and had a great time out in the sun.
A beach set up, a defined dress code following Sicilian traditions, press play and feel the breeze, let the sun warm you up and watch the boys striking a pose: Adam Senn, Noah Mills, Tony Ward, David Gandy, Sam Webb, Travis and Sam Whitman.

Photo & movie credits: Steven Klein Sources: Dolce&Gabbana and Swide

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  1. WTF.. The photographer cut David´s head...