Friday, 14 January 2011

The SS11 Dolce & Gabbana menswear ads are out!

It’s a man’s world that opens to us via a photo series that not only celebrates clothes but also deep-rooted traditions.
Real life shot with real men, by this we mean REAL MEN: David Gandy, Sam Webb, Noah Mills, Tony Ward, Adam Senn, Travis and Sam Whitman.
Dear reader you are among the first to see the spring summer 2011 Dolce&Gabbana menswear campaign shots, so Sicilian, so masculine, so sensual… The list is endless and we cannot help but stare at those photos that compose a fabulous hot fashion story.
Dolce&Gabbana steers a resolutely traditional course with light and fresh fabrics that nevertheless show great tailoring finishes.
A laid back approach because it is time to relax and enjoy a day in the sun.
Listen to the light breeze that announces the return of the fisherman and the break of the peasant.
A teamwork that needs to muster up energies, like craftsmen with fabrics and “coutures”, the guys are showing their joined effort to get back to the land.
Local traditions and lore to be celebrated on billboards, magazine spreads and right now on Swide. No doubt, the summer will be hot and that is cool.

Watch the spring summer 2011 menswear fashion show on

Text by Delphine Hervieu. Image credits: Steven Klein. Source: Dolce&

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