Tuesday, 18 January 2011

David Gandy Proud Of Career

David Gandy is proud to be a model and says people are finally starting to have respect for him.

David Gandy is proud to be a model.

The hunky catwalk star admits films such as 'Zoolander' - about a group of egotistical male models - have given his career a poor reputation in the past, but now he believes people are finally starting to have respect for him.

He said: "People still just think 'Zoolander', and to come out with your pride and dignity intact is probably quite hard in this business. Now there are younger guys coming in who want to be models. I'm actually proud to say I'm a model now. You pay your dues of not being listened to, but now people are starting to say, 'Maybe this guy's onto something.' "

However, while he is no longer ashamed of his job, David says it is hard to work in an industry where males are given so much less respect than their female counterparts.

He told Sunday Times Style magazine: "Trust me to end up working in the only industry in the world where women get paid more than men, and treated loads better. We're trying to change that. In the hierarchy of a shoot, you have the photographer, the female model, the stylists, the assistants, then the male model. You are the lowest of the low."

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