Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mollie King's already met David Gandy's parents!

We're a bit obsessed with Mollie King dating David Gandy, they are literally the best looking couple in the actual history of the world.

We can't take our eyes off them except to cry with jealousy. And it looks like the pair are getting pretty serious as Mollie admitted last night that she's already met David's parents saying, "Mum Gandy and Dad Gandy are lovely." (it's probably wrong that we're wondering if they are as hot as their son).

David said, "They really love Mollie, I was talking to them about when I was next visiting, and they said just send Mollie, don’t worry about you." Bless.

Mollie and David were at the Marie Claire Inspire & Mentor event in association with the Prince’s Trust held at the W hotel along with Ricky Gervais and Jessica Lowndes you know, that pretty one from 90210 who said she's enjoying London's rubbishy weather, “I absolutely love London, I have been here for a month working on my album, I am from Vancouver so it feels so good to see some clouds, clouds make me feel more like home im home."

Clouds make us feel like we're at home too but that doesn't mean we like them.


  1. Your news is old and really guarded. I think David is really coasting. It's like he's coasting on the dating scene because he doesn't want a challenge. She's looking for a father figure, he's bigger, older, smarter. How the hell does he fit in with her teenie bopper friends? Oh David, come on; MAN-UP!