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We're use to seeing male supermodel David Gandy in Dolce&Gabbana ads, splashed across the pages of GQ and on the runways of Paris and Milan but seldom do we see him as the brains of the operation. In fact, we've never seen him as anything more than a hanger of sorts. Times are a changing, and he is using new media for an exciting venture that's all him.
"I've worked with some great stylists and creatives but realized that there's a lack of real fashion information for men," says Gandy. "The more I investigated, the more fashion faux pas I could see men making - including myself over the years!" His solution: his own Men's Style Guide Application for iPhones, iPads and iPods. It's a smart progression really; the guy has been in the fashion industry for years so he's bound to have learned a trick or two . . . or dozens. "I started to think about how I could share some of the things I've learnt that can really help to change the way you look for the better, and how to simplify the choices that men have." And although we have fashion magazines like GQ and Details, Gandy is looking to reach a more realistic demographic. "Where information was available, in the main it seemed to point men to expensive high fashion trends and off the runway looks which are wonderful, but not necessarily accessible to everyone."
The useful app is quite simple and offers how-to guides, information on what to wear, how to put looks together and advice on what styles look best on different body shapes, according to height and waist size. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. "It aims to help men interpret their fashion choices based on style icons of today and in history, as well as on utility and budget".

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