Monday, 27 September 2010

Question & Answer

Hello everyone, a few days ago I had a weird idea, I thought to create this post where you can comment via ask anything you know about David intresse.
Obviously intressant choose the questions and answer them, I ask you not to ask foolish things private because in no way are in contact with David and then.  I would not know how things are too personal in any way!

Ciao a tutti, qualche giorno fa ho avuto un idea bizzarra, ho pensato di creare questo post dove voi potete tramite commento chiedere qualsiasi cosa che vi intressa sapere su David. Ovviamente scegliero le domande più intressanti e rispondero ad esse, vi chiedo di  non chiedermi cose insensate o private perchè in nessun modo sono in contatto con David quindi cose troppo intime non potrei saperle in nessun modo!
P.S. I recommend you keep an eye on the archives of the blog these days because I'm entering the new material.  Vi consiglio di tenere sott'occhio gli archivi del blog in questi giorni perchè stò inserendo del materiale inedito.

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  1. Hi, I wonder at what age David feels he turned [matured] into a Man,because clearly he now looks like a man, whereas a few years ago he still looked like a "boy". Also,if he feels his hectic lifestyle allows him to have fulfilling relationships [friends/lovers]. Thank you